Screening: Ralph Dfouni and Ghassan Fayad

Distinguished multi-media documentarians Ralph Dfouni and Ghassan Fayad will present their current project Life on Hold, an interactive documentary that depicts portraits of Syrian refugees living in Lebanon. Dfouni’s career spans across various platforms including music-videos, commercials, and contemporary documentary forms. Expanding conventional cinematic boundaries, he challenges linear storytelling techniques and alters the scope of previously accepted genres. He has received esteemed critical acclaim in the form of multiple Webby Awards, to name a few, in regards to his work with Canadian Television broadcasters including CBC and CTV, as well as organizations such as Greenpeace and the media-network Al-Jazeera. Internationally recognized for his role in the ever-changing digital media landscape (webdocs, augmented-reality, transmedia), his latest project returned Dfouni to his native country of Lebanon to document the ongoing strifes. Fellow Webby award-winner, Ghassan Fayad has led the Montreal-based design firm Kngfu, as president, for over a decade.  In partnership with such influential organizations as Ubisoft, Radio-Canada, and Téléquebec, Fayad has demonstrated and is recognized as a cultural authority in software design, interactive illustration, and especially, digital- media. As a lecturer, frequent conference panelist, and judge of countless film-festivals, his prominence in the field is laudable. We are thrilled to welcome these preeminent figures to our symposium. Watch their talk below!



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