Want to know more about our panelist presentations happening on Saturday, March 19th? Read our presenter’s abstracts by clicking on their name. Enjoy!

9:30AM – 11AM: Perceiving the Digital Real: Shifts in Traditional Documentary

Paula John (York): The Documentary Value of Performance Art: Mapping Documentary Film Theory onto Performance Practices.

Malcolm Morton (York): The Spectacle of Synthesis: Contemporary Digital Aesthetics and the Blurring of Documentary and Narrative Fiction.

Jacqueline Ristola (York): Recreating Reality: The Documentary Genre Within Waltz With Bashir and Persepolis.

(Chair) Caroline Klimek (York)


11:15 AM – 12:45PM: Interactivities: Interrelational Geographies; Social Autonomies

Mark Terry (York): Contemporary Treatments of Actuality: Digital and Spatial Turns for Social Change.

Laura Turnbull (York): Aboriginal Self-Representation and Self-Sovereignty through documentary new media.

(Chair) Dorit Naaman (Queen’s): From Reel Pasts to Digital Futures: An interactive intervention re-inscribing Palestinians into contemporary Israel.

2PM – 3:45PM: Digital Prosthesis: Embodiments & Sights.

(Chair) Susan McWhinney (SUNY, Rochester): Smart Phones and the Embodied Frame in Documentary Work.

Aroussiak Gabrielian (USC) : Streetview as Storyspace (via Skype)

Clorinde Peters (McMaster): Total War: Documentary photography in an era of neoliberal conflict

4PM – 5:30PM: Workshop: In Praxis

4PM – 4:20PM Live Performance

Cyrus Sundar Singh (Ryerson): Africville in Black and White: How a National Historic Site and the destruction of a Church have reignited racial hatred in the Canadian City of Halifax.

4:20PM -5:30 PM: Virtual/Augmented Reality and Interactive Workshops. Featuring Helios Design Lab and Kngfu.